Monday, 19 November 2012

A Castle Fit for a Princess

Fairy-tale Castle Cake

The perfect cake for the perfect little princess. My friend Megan's little girl Mia turned 2 recently, and I LOVE making little girl cakes! On the day all the little girls crowded around whispered "wow" to each other - it was so cute!

It's been 6 months of minimal cooking and baking, and maximal maths and memorising. I've bought WAY too many cookbooks, naughtily read them in my study time and tried to imagine that my life was spent fabulously whipping up Nigella's suppers and Momofuku's desserts (as long as we're in my imagination, I also have a body and dance like the Hurly Burly girlys). Wow I love it in my imagination.. 

In real life I've been sitting at a computer or book all day, giggling like a real geek at countless pictures of cats (front teeth out and all), and dancing like fat Monica :-). But, real life is turning around again! My exam is over and I can get back to my happy things again! 

Ralph helped so much with this cake- we stayed up half the night decorating, and walked around like zombies the next day, which was awesome cause it made us look like we're the kind of people who just go out on Friday nights and walk around all Saturday all sad and hung over and cool!