Thursday, 31 January 2013

Really Pork

Pork Fried Rice

When I was studying, and completely skint, Chinese food was a necessity. Eating it cold and in bed for breakfast was my absolute favourite..

It never looked this fancy though- it was all take-away boxes and forks! And the portions were much, MUCH bigger!

There's this misconception I have about restaurant food. It's like I can't even try to reproduce it at home, because I wouldn't be able to guess the ingredients and get it right. But fried rice? There's no subtlety there.

Happy kitty loves it :-)

I am loving cooking and baking lately- I needed a bit of a break after a tough 6 months of studying but the whole becoming-a-wife thing has me in this dreamy state where I want to cook, bake, clean and give foot massages and just in general act like a 50's housewife- and I'm loving it! A month and a half to go!!

Pork Fried Rice
Adapted from All Recipes

3 small carrots
500g pork- no bones
1/2 cup frozen peas
2 tblsp sunflower oil
2 eggs
2 cups Basmati rice
soy sauce

1) Peel the carrots, and pop them into some boiling water. Cook until tender.
2) Put the rice into boiling water, cook for 20 minutes and drain.
3) While the carrots and rice are cooking, cut up the pork into small pieces- roughly 1cm by 2cm.
4) Drain the carrots over a sieve containing the frozen peas. This will defrost them nicely. Chop the carrots up into small pieces.
5) Now, heat up oil in a large pan or wok over a high heat.
6) Add the pork, and season generously with salt and pepper. Cook until browned - when those sticky caramel bits appear on the meat.
7) Add the carrots and peas, and cook them for a couple of minutes. Season again.
8) Crack the eggs straight into the pan, one at a time, stirring furiously to scramble and distribute.
9) Add the rice and stir it around to combine.
10) Now, start adding the soy sauce. Add a few squirts, and stir them around to colour the rice. Taste and serve or add more and repeat.
11) Serve hot.

This meal goes on and on- fed me for 4 days of lunches! Gotta love Chinese food..

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