Tuesday, 10 January 2012


Chocolate Candy Cake

Does this cake make you drool or cringe? Let me tell you a little more about it before you decide: inside all that, it's a red velvet cake with chocolate buttercream. I bet you have a REALLY strong opinion about it now. I'm curious to see what it is- perhaps comment a yay or nay?

I made this cake for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the candy really made me think of friends of mine who don't seem to have grown out of the OMG SWEETIES faze of their lives. Hopefully they never will! Also, we were having a superhero party, and since we were going to dress up in silly costumes and play games, why not have a kiddies dessert too? It suited the party so well- I'm really glad I came across it on Pinterest.

The response to the cake was just as expected- the OMG SWEETIES people absolutely loved it, and the rest of us couldn't finish a slice!

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