Friday, 6 January 2012

Traditious Delicion

Apple Pie

I'm not completely sure I've ever had apple pie before. I really don't remember. But somehow, in my genes, thanks to evolution, was the knowledge of how an apple pie should smell and taste. And this is it: THE apple pie. It smells perfect.. If I could bottle that smell I could make millions selling it as a drug..

Ralph's family likes to have a traditional Christmas. Turkey, ham and Christmas pudding are on the menu. This year I decided to try and pitch in for the dessert with a traditional apple pie. I really wanted it not to flop, so I prepared for making this apple pie like never before. I did all the things you're supposed to do that I NEVER do. I read through the recipe ahead of time and did conversions and made plans. I made sure everything was ready before I started and that I had plenty of time to prepare the crust and apples, chill the crust, and possibly remake the crust.

Let me tell you about the recipe. I was considering 3, all of which I plan to make! The most exciting one was from Confessions of a Foodie Bride - everywhere I read up on it people said it was the best apple pie they had ever had, but because I wanted to go more traditional I had to put this one in the "one day" pile. There was also one that Jennie from In Jennie's Kitchen said was amazing, but because this pie didn't have cinnamon, and she mentioned that this wasn't that kind of pie, I put it off as well. I REALLY wanted a traditional apple and cinnamon flavour. Then I remembered this recipe. I subscribe to Zoe Bakes and I had been wanting to use on of her recipes. And this one was SO detailed and wonderful- it felt less risky and it was perfectly traditional.

You can see in the first picture that the sugar on the crust didn't melt, but it still tasted and looked just magnificent.. When I took it out of the oven it just stood there, smelling like what I imagine heaven does. And it was letting out just that Martha Stewart-homey string of steam. The crust has that perfect crunch- even under the apples.. It's just.. What I've always imagined. I really wanted to post a picture of a slice, but I didn't want to take photos of food during supper. Trust me though, it looked just wonderful..

I won't repeat the recipe here because I think Zoe's instructions are just what you need. I'll just say this: I used half Holsum and half butter instead of lard for the crust, as I have no idea where to get lard around here. I also used Treacle sugar, as I don't know where to get Turbinado. This is probably why the sugar on the crust didn't turn out as planned. Finally, I used half Granny Smith and half Golden Delicious apples. It was a great combination.

I'll finish off by saying that I am just MADLY in love with this pie. I can't wait to make it again. I don't know if I would make it for Christmas again. It didn't go down very well because everyone was full and didn't want dessert. But I plan to make it for a friend's birthday soon- and every other chance I get!

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