Friday, 15 June 2012

A Rant about Happiness

Embarassing yet Delicious Valentines Cake

It's time I came clean about myself (and the ugly cakes I make). I am an optimist. I believe in love. I believe everything will turn out ok. It helps me get through the day. But more than helping get through sad times, on normal days, it makes me REALLY HAPPY. I also believe that it's more about the cake being delicious than pretty, but I think that's just trying to make myself feel better..

I'm getting married. I'm so excited I can hardly think about anything else. I get to be with this person that I outwardly love a whole lot, and secretly love even more, forever!! I feel more optimistic now than I EVER have before in my life. 

But I've found it very hard to stay positive. People just aren't excited about marriage and weddings and love anymore. I've had lecture after lecture about how terrible marriage really is, how my wedding day is really just another day, and how I should protect myself before that bastard runs off with another woman. 

Why is it not okay to lecture people on how wonderful marriage is, how your wedding day is your special day with your family, and your new family- the people you love the most, how some marriages make it, and are happy? It's really getting to me this week!

I just wanted to add my voice to all negative ones and say, here is the truth about my cakes and I. We are both thoroughly silly and happy, and I wouldn't have it any other way!

PS. It's hot milk cake with marshmallow icing. I will post the recipe sometime!

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