Sunday, 11 September 2011

Airplane Cake!

Red Velvet Expertly Hidden in an Airplane Disguise

I love making birthday cakes. I've always wanted the option of making birthday presents by hand, but not being a creative person, I never had the option. I'm having a lot of fun catching up :-). In this case a friend of mine who loves flying had a birthday party and I had seen this cake in 'The Australian Women's Weekly More Cakes for Kids', and it had made me think of him. I love that it's not a commercial airliner, it's just a friendly plane with a propeller.

The cake inside was the same red velvet and white chocolate icing from here (the cabin is a cupcake). I crumb coated the cake with white butter icing, to cover the darkness of the cake, refrigerated it for about half an hour, and then put on the final layer, also of butter icing - very simple for a change. The propeller I made out of white chocolate, and a couple of mini marshmallows, and some wafers took care of the rest!

Ralph helped so much with this cake. I put it in the oven and fell fast asleep while he timed it and got it out in time- and he fashioned the wafers and stuck then into the cake! My awesome teammate :-)

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