Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Little Monsters

Cupcakes with a Silly Twist

These were so much fun! Everyone loved them and took extra for their kids (blue for boys, pink for girls)!

The atmosphere at work had been a bit stressed and I wanted to make something cheerful. I found these on the Charly's Bakery facebook page and loved how easily they made me smile.

I made the same cupcakes as for the Kitties - these are my favourite so they'll pop up often. I made a batch of vanilla butter icing (typical recipe here), and divided it into two big batches, and one small one.

I dyed one big batch blue and the other pink. Don't worry if the colours seem to not be as bright as you want, they do grow in intensity, just have a bit of patience. I used powder colours here and they worked great!

Use a grass attachment to create the furry look. You need some serious hand strength for this one! But once that's done, a normal round attachment did great for the eyes (make sure the attachment isn't too small- a mistake I made) and I bought some writing icing to do the black for the eyes (trying to dye something black is difficult and not rewarding.)

Looking at these pictures still makes me smile..

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