Monday, 26 September 2011


Brown Butter Vanilla Pod Rice Krispies Teats

It's like being a grownup with the happy treats of a child! I was excited about making these this weekend. It's warm and wonderful outside- time to feel young and happy. These seem to be the perfect thing for that. I've had this recipe bookmarked for a while- and it's just the summer treat I was looking for.

I used to have this microwave recipe for Rice Krispies, but even though it was simple, they just weren't that exciting. These were the opposite of that: the very definition of moreish! We can't stop stealing them out of the cupboard.. But it's not just the promise of a fun treat. These just smell amazing! The vanilla pod gives them this gorgeous fragrance. I'll be honest- I have NO idea what the brown butter does, but it sure didn't hurt!

Brown Butter Vanilla Rice Krispies Treats
From Zoe Bakes, originally from Flour: Spectacular Recipes from Boston's Flour Bakery + Cafe

70 g unsalted butter
1 vanilla pod, cut in half lengthwise and scraped
1/4 tsp salt
284 g white marshmallows (I have a LOT of pink ones left..)
5 1/2 cups Rice Krispies

1) Melt the butter over a low heat in a small pot. This take a bit of patience. Wait for it to brown- it will also smell really good when it's ready. Don't let it get too dark- that's burning! Strain the butter through a sieve into a bigger pot. This gets rid of those bits in the butter.
2) Add the salt, vanilla seeds (scraped stuff) and marshmallow. Stir and wait for the marshmallows to melt. They should look like this when done (notice the tiny bits of vanilla everywhere)

3) Now add the Rice Krispies and fold in:

4) You ideally want to press this into a square tin, but I don't tend to care about these things..

5) Pop it in the fridge for an hour. Then cut up into cubes and explore your inner child:

Thanks Ralph for fun, sunny and quirky photos! Now to go and steal another..

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