Monday, 17 October 2011

We All Scream For Another Barbie Cake!

Ice Cream Barbie Butterfly Cake

I think I've mentioned before how much I love Ralph's nieces. Sophie's birthday party was this weekend and, like her sister, she wanted a Barbie cake. After seeing NuNuZa's AMAZING butterfly Barbie cake I decided that it was the way to go. With a couple of requested adjustments, it turned out beautifully!

Sophie loves ice cream cake so that's what was requested, and Sophie's mommy had already asked me to rather not use any fondant, as kids like the butter icing better. Both of these made my life so much easier- no cake to bake, and decorating would be much easier with just butter icing. Also- I asked Ralph's mom to help with the cake- it was so comforting to have her help with a terrifying new kind of cake!

For the cake itself, I just bought creamy vanilla ice cream. I rented a butterfly tin from Kadies, so all we needed to do was press the ice cream into the tin. Now- a few tips for this: I would put the tin in the freezer for a while before putting ice cream in it (I didn't do this, but I think it would have helped the ice cream melt less). Also, Kadies told me not let the ice cream melt while I was working on it, and I did this as best I could as well. The cake came out delicious, so I agree that this was the way to go.

Once the cake was in the freezer, we got around to dressing the Barbie. I bought pre-coloured black, red and pink fondant, rolled it out and cut out heart shapes. Then I layered the shapes to make her dress.

The first thing to do is, measure that the board you're going to put the cake on fits in the freezer. Then, decide where the cake will go on the board. You will need to put something down that will make the cake stick to the board.  I ran into a lady a Weight Watchers who told me I must use Ice Cap sauce if I wanted to stick anything to ice cream. I'm SO glad I met her. I bought the sauce and poured it on the board where I was going to turn out the cake, and when I did put the cake on the board, it stuck SO nicely. Now is a good time to put the cake back in the freezer while you get the icing ready.

I then made pink, purple and red butter icing and loaded up some piping bags. Everything has to be ready whenever you take the cake out of the freezer. I did the icing in 3 turns, returning the cake to the freezer in between. We took it out one last time to stick the letters and candles on. The Barbie went on just before serving.

Transporting the cake included ice bricks, an aircon on full, a freezing Olga and a melting cake! It was an easy and delicious cake to make and a big crowd pleaser!!

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