Monday, 7 November 2011

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Honey Candied Apples

Mmmmm the perfect semi healthy treat. I've been wanting to play around with candied apples for a while, and JUST before the weekend, I saw this post by Cook Like a Champion. They rounded off my weekend perfectly. Ralph took these amazing, kindof serene photos of them. I just want to frame them and put them up at my house!

I made these the weekend of the dirty witches fingers and the rose cupcakes, but these were kicking the other two's butts by miles. Why? You ask. Well, I made these to take to friend's house for a braai. These friends, Belinda and Gareth, always have get togethers at their house. They always go to so much trouble, and we always have a wonderful time.

I was playing walking their toddler daughter around the house, when she spotted these in the kitchen. I gave her one, and she continued to eat it ALL DAY. First, she licked off ALL the caramel. And then, for good measure, she ate the apple as well. Apparently the next day she was looking for more. That just means the world to me- no approval is more important for baking than a child's in my opinion.

These were the first candied apples I've ever made. I was so excited. I cleaned the apples thoroughly and Ralph poked the sticks through, and I loved drenching them in the caramel, it's so decadent. I love how it flows off and makes a pool at the bottom. It's just beautiful..

Honey Candied Apples
From Cook Like a Champion

8 - 10 small apples, and same amount of kebab sticks or lollipop sticks
1 cup cream
1/2 tsp salt
1 cup honey

1) Line a tray or baking sheet with a silicone mat. I wouldn't use wax paper here, as the caramel gets quite sticky.
2) Make an ice bath in a large bowl, and make sure your pot fits in and reaches the bath.
3) Wash the apples throughly, and stick sticks through them deeply.
4) Pour the cream into a small pot, add the salt, and heat on a medium heat until bubbles form around the sides.
5) Now, add the honey, bring to the boil, set the heat to medium, and keep stirring continuously with a rubber spatula.
6) You will notice that the nature of the mixture changes, first it boils almost normally, then it boils really high, and when it's ready, it actually settles down again (all in all around 20 minutes). For people who are not fans of rough guides, take a candy thermometer, when the mixture reaches 125 C, it's ready.
7) Take the pot off the heat and set on the ice bath- keep stirring. You'll notice it get thicker, that's when it's time to dip the apples. I used the spoon to pour caramel on them too :-)- I'm not really a minimalist.
8) Put the apples on the silicone to set.

It made me feel like a little kid again, eating these. Belinda and Gareth's daughter enjoyed hers so much that she rubbed it on just about all her toys, clothes, aunties and uncles!

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