Friday, 4 November 2011

Roses are Pink

Piped Rose Cupcakes

These were dainty and gorgeous, and gentle and delicious. I think that they would be perfect for a bridal shower. I really must keep them in mind. They were so simple and yet so lovely, sweet and feminine. The boys didn't care though- these got devoured! Gorgeous photos you say? Thank you Ralph!

I've been really wanting to make these for a while, and at the same time just dreading them. In the end they actually turned out quite pretty, but I do think I'll keep trying until they resemble Martha's a bit more. Martha's are just so pretty. I don't tend to be good at the detailed things, so I was really hoping that I wouldn't mess them up completely! I have learned a lesson, mostly through decorating: it's mostly about having the courage to try. Things never turn out quite as badly as you think they might! Now I just need to learn this lesson better and not take so long next time.

I bought this book for myself for my birthday. It seems to be fashionable to buy yourself birthday presents, and I had been eyeing this book for months.. I'm super happy I bought it, as it's taken me to a whole new level of baking. I'd never before made such complicated icings, I mean- 5 egg whites? Recipes REQUIRING you to have a stand mixer? I only have a hand- held one, and I have no idea what a paddle attachment is or what it does! Learning these new techniques has been a real adventure.

Now for this recipe, I only used Martha's instructions on how to pipe the icing. I made my favourite standard vanilla cupcake, and plain plain vanilla buttercream. An aside on the buttercream- if you've been reading my brownie posts you'll know that I love baking for my friend Ane. She's a cook and baker's best friend. She just enjoys food so much, she thinks about it, dreams about it.. Kindof like me :-). Now she LOVES buttercream, so although Martha recommended Swiss meringue buttercream, I made normal buttercream instead, as I was making the cupcakes for a braai at which I knew I would see Ane.

I did feel a little guilty making these girly pretty cupcakes for an event which was actually held for a male friend who's visiting from Australia. But I didn't consider one thing: guys will eat ANYTHING. Even if it's pink. Even if it's a flower. As long at it's yummy it's getting eaten. These cupcakes practically disappeared off the tray!

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