Friday, 11 November 2011

What's better than a cherry?

Cherries dipped in white chocolate

I know- this is a hack of a recipe.. But it's cherry season! I want to celebrate! I didn't want to cook cherries in something, and I did have a dream bar at home..

I wish I had more photos, but.. well these were too good to photograph properly before eating.. They were the perfect dessert, healthy fruit, with a thin layer of yummy, yummy chocolate.

I've been doing a lot of thinking about healthy food. With Weight Watchers, I'm forced to be constantly aware of my weight. Lately, it's been a bit of an issue. I've been trying to get back into a good exercise and eating routine. So I'm trying really hard to do some form of exercise most days, and eat more fruit and veggies in general. These cherries for dessert were both enticing and nutritious. I think Joan (my Weight Watchers group leader) would be proud!

These were super easy. I put a bowl over a pot of gently boiling water, broke the chocolate into blocks, put it in the bowl, and stirred continuously. When the chocolate was melted, I dipped the cherries in it.. As it's summer here, when we ate the cherries the chocolate was still soft. It was lovely. However, I did put the cherries in the fridge overnight and took them to work as a Friday treat for everyone. By then, the chocolate had set and was crunchy and decadent.. The cherries weren't sour, but were definitely not too sweet. They went perfectly with the chocolate.

Cherry season is just beginning so I'm hoping to make more things really soon! For now though, I have special stuff planned for Ralph's return this weekend..

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